You don't need to move to create the extra living space you require.

Too Warm in the summer? Too cold in the Winter? We have a come up with a fantastic solution called Warmacool that will help to transform your conservatory into an energy efficient room that you can enjoy throughout the year. 


This job was completed in Harrow to the delight of Mr and Mrs Cullinhane. 



Mr Cullinhane: "Very pleased with it. It is a great job and i love the glass allowing light into the room. Good value for money!"


 Benefits of a WARMACOOL Roof:

•  90% Reduction in heat loss making your room warmer   

•  Improved Energy efficiency saving you money

•  Transforms the roof to look like an actual room

•  New improved appearance

•  Lowest U Value at 0.18

•  12 months of the year use

•  Installation done in one day 

Our experienced installation team will fit the roof perfectly and ensure 100% customer satisfaction at all times. The lightweight roof provides a clever thermal layer to prevent heat loss. It is one of the most efficient products on the market that is neatly hidden with a nice finish with the panels. 


Will a WARMACOOL reduce the height of my ceiling?

No the height of the ceiling will remain exactly the same. The insulation boards are 10mm thick. They lie neatly against the exterior panels and fit perfectly. The UPVC panels are also very minimal at 10mm thick therefore you will only have 20mm difference in height that will not be noticeable.  

How long does the installation take?

The installation usually takes one working day. If a design is over 30 sq metres we may allow to days for the installation to be fully complete.  

Will the design need maintenance?

No. Warmacool panels require zero maintenance. The material is robust and tough and therefore will not change. 

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes we will provide you with a 10 year warranty.  

What does the exterior look like?

The exterior will not change. This will not change and and remain the same.  

Please call us today to arrange a free survey and quotation!

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