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Living in the Bury Area?

If you live in the Bury area, then the chances are you enjoy living in the area. Your family is settled with schools, you’re close enough to work and maybe you have other members of your family close by.

Therefore, you probably don’t want to move, but you’re needing more floorspace.

More floorspace is usually acquired with a stressful house move, but what if there was an affordable, stress-free, and faster alternative?

Say hello to Eco Home Space, who deliver and install innovative garden rooms to customers in the Bury area.

Eco Home Space, based in nearby Wigan, has many satisfied customers throughout the North West of the UK.

Bury is a large and desirable market town location in Greater Manchester and being just a short journey from the mighty city of Manchester.

So, you can forget about stress of a house move and focus on your new garden pod instead!

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We’re all now able to think about how we work, rest and play going forward.

Employers will offer many workers the option to work from home on a flexible basis; a garden pod could be the way to have the much-needed office space.

Or it could be that your family just needs more space: the kids need somewhere safe to play particularly in bad weather; maybe you have guests staying over or you just want to have a gym that you can walk to and that doesn’t cost you a monthly fee!

The possibilities are endless with an Eco Garden Pod.

garden rooms at Eco home space

Garden Rooms from Eco Home Space

Eco Home Space is the trusted brand in Bury which allows you to dream about and acquire that garden pod as part of your home living arrangements.

It’s so easy to get a pod installed by an expert team and we look after the project from start to finish.

Eco Garden Pods are the innovation from the Eco Home Space team, and they can be used all year round due to their excellent design. Unlike other garden pods, the Eco Home Space pods connect to electric power, enabling the pod to be used all year round.

Modular Design

Eco Garden Pods by Eco Home Space are created using an innovative modular design incorporating purpose-designed modular composite wall constructions surrounding a core of high-performance insulation. This keeps the construction energy efficient so that’s good news for your energy bills and carbon footprint.

Our garden room options vary in size (available in a range of different sizes), style (two styles available) and colour so you can select which one will best suit your own individual requirements.

While all construction work can be disruptive, it doesn’t need to be a painful process. The team are experts in the installation process, ensuring the project goes smoothly, without a hitch and with as little mess and noise as possible during the build.

If you have any questions, then feel free to ask the team.

Friendly Team

Ten Year Warranty

All home improvements require monetary investment, and as such it’s something you want to last.

That’s why all the pods come with 10-year warranty against warping, cracking, or splitting caused by manufacturing defects and providing the pod has had normal use.

This is in addition to the expertise that comes with the Eco Home Space team. Friendly, professional, and knowledgeable, the team will help with any query you might have.

Eco Home Space has always set out to exceed expectations. Our products are made to the highest quality, all of which meet and exceed current building regulations standards. Whatever your plans for your garden room – home office, play area, gym, business premises or a chill out area – Eco Home Space products always add to the kerb appeal of any home.

Exceeding Expectations

Planning Permission

Garden rooms and garden offices are a worthwhile investment for your property and garden. We can advise on Planning Permission (if required, which in some cases it isn’t). This can be a complex issue and worries many people, however we have got it covered.

As a team, we are committed to each project from start to finish.

Our experience will give you peace of mind and we understand that every project is different. Therefore, you can be sure of our commitment to customer service, and we have great end results.

What to do next

Get in touch today. We are open from 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 3pm on Saturdays, closed Sundays. We’re also on WhatsApp!
Sarah Chapman
St Albans
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So pleased with my Garden Pod. Eco Home Space are a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Even in winter it has been the warmest room we have.
K. Sanderson
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We absolutely love our new Eco Garden Pod. It was done in 4 days. I can’t stop looking out at it. Beautiful building.
Mr Cullinhane
Altrincham, Greater Manchester
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Very pleased with it. It is a great job and i love the glass allowing light into the room. Good value for money!

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