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Eco Home Space is based in Wigan and installs their products in the Widnes area...

Now might be your chance to think about having your very own garden room!

For a stress-free experience, contact Eco Home Space today about our Eco Garden Pods.

Sunshine or rain, snow, or hail, they’re an asset to any home and Eco Garden Pods can be used 12-months of the year due to their superb design.

Our garden rooms are modular, composite walled pods that are energy efficient and provide protection from the elements. With their innovative construction, your garden pod is a perfect place to relax in, work in or even work out in!

With a few options that vary in size, style, and colour, you can select which is best for your needs.

For the Widnes area, you can improve your home rather than have the massive and expensive task of moving to a larger house.

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Advantages of a Garden Room

Have an Eco Garden Pod as part of your property adds valuable and usable square footage to your home.

So, if your floor space is getting a bit on the tight side, then you can improve rather than move. After all, who wants to move house when this can be avoided?

Eco Home Space is based in Wigan, with lots of satisfied clients in the North West. Widnes is close to the might River Mersey and so is a popular place to live in the area. So, a garden pod could be that much-needed finishing touch to your home.

Our pods are easily installed by our friendly, professional team and we look after all projects from start to finish.

Exceeding Expectations

Our pods are made of the highest quality materials, all of which meet and exceed current building regulations standards.

The installation process causes minimal disruption to your routine as possible.

Widnes is one of the North West’s most industrial towns and is located in the stunning county of Cheshire.

If you enjoy living in the Widnes area and don’t want to move, then we can help you stay in your home and add usable floor space.

Each insulated garden room has a stunning design and is self-contained. Each one can be used as your own home office or gym, or just for total relaxation time! They are also great for being used as a children’s playroom.

Because our garden pods are so well made and constructed, each one comes with a 10-year warranty.

Providing the pod is has normal use, the warranty is against again warping, cracking, or splitting caused by manufacturing defects.

The warranty shows you the confidence we have in our products and gives you the peace of mind about your investment.

We also have professional installers who can do your installation for free – no hidden costs or charges. Our friendly staff is always ready to answer any questions about owning an eco-friendly home.

Ten Year Warranty

Planning Permission

Garden rooms are a worthwhile investment for your property and garden.

A worry for many customers is whether planning permission is required or not. As each local authority varies with their rules and stipulations, we take care of this often-complex element of your garden pod project.

We can also hook up your garden pod to the main electric supply, so you don’t have any worries about power! You can use your garden pod at any time of year, summer, or winter.

Our experience will give you peace of mind and we are always happy to answer questions.

Just think how comfy you’ll be throughout the year, knowing all the projects you can do going forward.

A home gym so you can get fit at any time of the day or night (and with no gym fees)? Tick! Kid’s playroom? Tick! A home office? Tick! A chillout area for grownups? Tick!

The possibilities are endless.

We need to come to terms with a new way of working. While some jobs can only take place in the workplace, some jobs and professions can take place from home. While house prices are climbing, there is one element that will make your home even more desirable if you choose to sell in the future, and that is usable floor space for working purposes.

So, while homebuyers’ expectations have shifted, a home office or similar space will be required. An Eco Garden Pod could be perfect solution for you!

The New Way of Life

What to do next

Get in touch today. We are open from 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 3pm on Saturdays, closed Sundays. We’re also on WhatsApp!
Sarah Chapman
St Albans
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So pleased with my Garden Pod. Eco Home Space are a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Even in winter it has been the warmest room we have.
K. Sanderson
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We absolutely love our new Eco Garden Pod. It was done in 4 days. I can’t stop looking out at it. Beautiful building.
Mr Cullinhane
Altrincham, Greater Manchester
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Very pleased with it. It is a great job and i love the glass allowing light into the room. Good value for money!

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