Lightweight Roofing Tiles for Conservatories & Extensions

Tapco And Metrotile Roofing Tiles

TapcoSlate Classic and Metrotile Roofing Tiles are ideal for using on conservatories, modular buildings, garden rooms and on new builds!

Lightweight, available in several colours, and weatherproof, TapcoSlate and Metrotile products will transform your home with a neat finish and durability. Eco Homespace ensures our customers can choose which of these two leading and innovative manufacturers suit their property the best.

Tapco Slate Roofing Gallery

TapcoSlate Classic Roofing Tiles

Available in 4 colours

tapco tile stone black
Stone Black
tapco tile pewter grey
Pewter Grey
tapco tile brick red
Brick Red
tapco tile chestnut brown
Chestnut Brown
Every TapcoSlate Classic roof has a weatherproof structure that can withstand the elements throughout the year. Our customers can obtain a 50-year- warranty with some products
tapco slate logo

Tapco – BBA Certificate 08/4603

TapcoSlate Classic - Slate With A Difference

If you have a conservatory, a modern build, a heritage or listed dwelling, TapcoSlate Classic is a superb choice for your roofing requirements.

This stunning product is expertly shaped, textured and even has riven edges, all of which are moulded from real slates. The point of different is that TapcoSlate Classic is created at a fraction of the weight of the real slate. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference and the refined appearance makes for an incredible, durable, weatherproof roof.

TapcoSlate Classic does not break, crack or delaminate. Tapco have created a product that is specially formulated and manufactured to provide performance, longevity and something that is easy to install. This means installation can be more cost effective and with a lot less waste.

Metrotile Lightweight Roofing Tiles

metrotile logo

BBA Certificate 07/4470

The strength of steel

The use of steel is the masterstroke of Metrotile’s design. By using steel as the base material, it means the profiles can be pressed much thinner than a traditional slate or clay tile and therefore weigh just one seventh of those products. The sheer strength of steel means that a Metrotile roof is far more durable and incredibly secure, whether held up against petty vandalism or the most extreme weather conditions.

You read that correctly, by the way – Metrotile profiles are thinner and lighter, but much stronger than traditional tiles!

Steely Strength!

Metrotile Lightweight Roofing originates from New Zealand and has been leading the way for over 40 years.

Their innovation comes from pressing roof tiles from a durable material (highest quality steel) which is then galvanised and covered with a stone-chip coating.

The advantage of this process is that tiles can be pressed to a much thinner depth, and the tile is also extremely durable. It is also very secure and withstands the vagaries of the British weather. The resulting tiles are much lighter yet have more strength than traditional tiles.


Metrotile also uses recyclable materials including steel and is manufactured in Europe at a site with a state-of-the-art waste-water recycling system.

These tiles are also so lightweight, they can be transported at one seventh of usual transport requirements.

Once installed, Metrotile Lightweight Roofing has excellent insulation benefits, so your energy bills are kept in check. This is particularly helpful to conservatory projects, as these tiles are perfect for this type of structure. Their low weight and insulation properties ensure a conservatory can be used all year round. You can also see that rainwater is captured so it can be reused in the garden, and there is the option of an integrated photovoltaic system which can produce energy from sunlight.

Metrotile Roofing Gallery

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