Convert your Conservatory with a Tiled Roof

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Use your conservatory all year round with a stunning tiled roof

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If you have a conservatory as part of your property, then chances are it is too hot in summer and too cold in winter, rather like a greenhouse!

Also, when the sun is shining overhead, you’ll need some sort of shade so you can use the space comfortably. There is a solution! By adding a bespoke tiled roof, you can use your conservatory all year round.
Our conservatory roof tiles look stunning, are the fraction of the weight of regular roof materials and keep the room at a comfortable temperature.

Your conservatory now has multiple uses and is an important asset to your home. We are based in the North West of England. Our expert team has 15 years’ experience in the industry. We manufacture the product ourselves and we’ve fitted over 1000 conservatory roofs. We have a loyal customer base who recommend and trust our work, which gives new life to an important aspect of your home. Our roofs are insulated and ensure your conservatory also looks appealing, enhancing the kerb appeal of your house.

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Want More Living Space But Can’t Afford An Extension?

We love our homes yet more floor space is always welcome!

In its usual format, the conservatory can be used at certain times of year, but you are limited as to those times.
Eco Home Space manufactures conservatory roofs with tiles to match your precise requirements and with our tried and tested installation techniques, you will be using and enjoying your new space in no time at all.

As one of the industry’s most reliable tiled roof conservatory specialists, we understand the value of our products, so we do not subcontract our work. Our very own team produces excellent results, thanks to lots of dedication and commitment. Our team has combined experience of over two decades, and we ensure every roof is fitted perfectly and to the highest standards.

This design is manufactured with the very best construction material, timber. We only use British or European roofing grade timber. With a wide range of lightweight tiled options, the new roof will convert your conservatory into the extension you always dreamed of.

We can also ensure that you are getting light into the room by inserting some Velux vents into the roofing system so you can enjoy the view of the sky.

With a U-Value of 0.18 it offers excellent insulation properties, achieved through the use of PIR (polyisocyanurate) insulation. The installation is simple for your installer and weatherproofing is achieved rapidly

For first-rate finish and satisfaction guaranteed, get in touch today.

20+ year’s experience in the industry

For first-rate finish and satisfaction guaranteed, get in touch today.

We understand an investment on your house is so important and always want to give customers extra confidence that they are making a great choice choosing Eco Solid Roof.

Roof construction

Our Roofs are manufactured using C24 125mm x 50mm timber as stipulated by building regulations and is graded for its strength and structural properties, our whole roof system is manufactured using fully graded timbers and structural ply boards, we have eliminated the need for aluminium due to the risk of cold bridging, condensation build up and weight issues and the performance overly reliant on the skill of the installer, our roofs are manufactured in our joinery workshop fully bespoke to individual requirements.

Our eco friendly roofing system

No aluminium structure to prevent condensation build up

Pre Manufactured roofing system to ensure fast installation on site

Lightweight roof tiles with warranties of up to 50 years

Proven treated timber technology

Breathable Membrane from Cromar

Actis lightweight Insulation in-between rafters up to 125mm

lightweight plasterboard to underside

High Graded materials meeting building regulation requirements

We use the very best tiles on the market known as Tapco and Metrotile.

No moss will grow on your new tiled roof . They are made from recycled products coming with a 50 year weather proof warranty. They are stylish and seal together giving you extra security and long term efficiency for you enjoy for years to come! 

A glass or polycarbonate roof is the most common method of heat escaping from your conservatory, as hot air rises allowing the heat to escape. You only need to stand next to your closed windows in the winter to feel how ineffective glass is for retaining the warmth; that coupled with rising convection currents and it’s easy to understand why your heating bills can be higher than predicted.

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