Warmacool Roofing System for Conservatories

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Keeping you cool, keeping you warm when you need it!

If you find your conservatory is too hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter, then you’ll be glad to know we’ve got the solution!

Warmacool transforms your conservatory into the energy-efficient space you’ve always wanted.

Warmacool allows you to use the conservatory all year round, giving you an extra room in your home.

Some recent Warmacool installations

Warmacool Benefits

We install Warmacool ceilings, so our customers are satisfied 100% of the time. We have an experienced team who install each project quickly and efficiently. The result is a lightweight roof which creates an innovative thermal layer that prevents heat loss.

As one of the most efficient products on the market, it is also cleverly hidden behind stylish panels for a pleasing aesthetic interior finish.

90% heat loss reduction making the room warmer

Energy efficiency increased, saving you money

The room is transformed into a spacious, usable area

Overall appearance improved

Lowest U Value at 0.18

Use room 12 months a year

Installation usually takes just one day

Warmacool FAQ's

No, ceiling height will remain about the same. The insulation boards are 10mm thick and lie neatly against the exterior panels, fitting perfectly. UPVc panels are also just 10mm thick. So overall there is just 20mm difference which is not noticeable.
The installation take one working if under 30sqm. If over 30sqm, then two days should be sufficient.
No, Warmacool does not need maintenance thanks to its robust, tough materials.
Yes, we provide a 10-year warranty.
The exterior of your conservatory remains unchanged.

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